Pearl Expert

Avolites Pearl Expert
The Pearl Expert is high performance. Built upon the user friendliness of the industry’s most popular console. More submasters, more flash buttons, MORE POWER to control the larger more challenging shows. The Pearl Expert, the product of Avolites expertise facilitates spontaneity putting live control and creativity firmly into the hands of the lighting designer. High speed button response, dual rollers and instant access to the vast array of timed palettes, breathes life into lights.

  • Encoders – Avolites utilises Bournes™ ultra smooth, metal shaft optical encoders, the industry’s best!
  • Encoder wheels – Anodised, non-abrasive, aluminium encoder wheels. Slick Low Friction, High Mass design offering sensitive control, with outer belt for fine-tuning.
  • Engraved buttons – Console detail and function at your fingertips!
  • Faders – Custom made, high quality carbon track linear faders. Durable , smooth operation with integral dust cover to protect and prolong their life.
  • Keyboard – Discreet QWERTY keyboard with integral Trackpad and Function keys, effortlessly accessed from within the console.
  • Shadow™ Switches – The Industry’s Best! Indestructible, Rock Proof, gold contact switches are graded for pressure consistency.
  • Keyswitch – The removable three position key switch protects project data.
  • Master faders – Separate master level controls for Add/Flash, Swop/Solo and Presets A&B.
  • Dual Playback rollers - The ‘hands on’ twin rollers effectively give two consoles in one! They afford the operator separate access to   Lights and Video or Generics and Intelligent fixtures within the rig.
  • 80 Submasters - Capable of controlling cues, cue lists and chases.
  • 60 Direct Access Add & Swop Buttons - Giving more channels to flash or solo and twice as many programming pallets.

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