Theatre Production LightingWe currently supply many schools and colleges with everything from replacement lamps and sheets of gel, to lighting and sound for their productions.

We can provide equipment, design and advice as well as technicians to install and operate lighting, sound or AV. Mark Satchell, one of the partners of T & M, spent over 10 years lecturing in technical theatre, so is uniquely qualified to give advice and work within an educational environment. We are happy to work with your students to give them an insight into the world of technical theatre.

Permanent Installation - We also offer a full installation service of lighting, sound, AV, staging and curtains for any size of studio or hall.

Special Effects - If you are looking for something a bit different we offer a range of special effects from smoke and dry ice to pyrotechnics and snow.

Set - We can help design and supply sets that require multiple levels or need an industrial look using our experience working with staging, truss and other theatrical rigging equipment.

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